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Indian a country where 94% of the working population is a part of the unorganized sector. With such a percentage of the workforce, Indian e-commerce giants have started tapping these untouched sectors to learn the chapter of profitability. Ventures like Big Basket (BB), Grofers, Amazon Pantry leading the way with others startups at the tail, leaving no stones unturned.

Big Bazaar and Vishal Mega Mart an early offline supermarket made it clear about the doubts, reshuffling the vast sector of GROCERY MARKET. Making profits not only by making products slightly cheaper than MRP (Maximum Retail Price ). A product that you would buy on MRP in the local market can be brought from an Air-Conditioned supermarket at a cheaper price.

How Did They Do So?

Bulk Game and availing FMCG product at a cheaper price polished their name. Whereas the demand being the same, the customer turned to these supermarts, affecting the local grocer sales and profits at a huge level. They never sacrificed their margins unless other startups like GROFERS, BIG BASKET and AMAZON GROCERY launched into the same market.

The only difference was Big Bazaar and Vishal Mega Mart never made an effort to deliver a product to your doorstep. Whereas despite creating a big offline store they shifted to a much less complex concept of E-GROCERY. Bigbasket and Amazon keeping their inventory at their warehouses/fulfilment centres, Grofers affiliated with local distributors to boost their sales.

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